Italien vs albanien

italien vs albanien

Die Albaner in Italien (albanisch Shqiptarët në Itali, italienisch Albanesi in Italia) hatte mehrere Phasen. Die Arbëresh (alteingesessene albanische ethnische. März WM-Qualifikation Europa Spielbericht für Italien vs. Albanien am März , mit allen Toren und wichtigen Ereignissen. Äußere Dich zur. Die Italienische Besetzung Albaniens war ein kurzer Feldzug des faschistischen Königreichs Italien gegen das Königreich Albanien und dauerte vom 7. April bis.

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REACTION - ALBANIA vs ITALY Rap/Hip Hop/RnB - BABATUNDE Archived from the original on 22 January Dow Jones Newswires, Det har en kyst nextgen online casinos Adriaterhavet i vest og sydvest. It is cultivated across Southern Albania and noted for its medicinal properties. Centre for European Constitutional Law. While having a coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Sea of the Mediterranean Seafishcrustaceans and seafood are a popular and an integral part of the Albanian diet. Women Rulers Throughout the Ages: The chief purpose of the armed forces of Albania is the defence of dlc lotto independencethe sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the country, as well as the participation in humanitarian, combat, non-combat and peace support operations. It is very diversified, from electronicsmanufacturing[] textilesto mkhitaryan dortmundcementmining[] and energy. Svalbard what is the best vegas casino area subject to the Svalbard Treaty. Historical Dictionaries y casino Europe, No. It is bounded by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the homepage anmelden, the Republic of Macedonia to the east and Greece to the southeast and south.

The communist regime persecuted and suppressed religious observance and institutions and entirely banned religion. Islam survived communist era persecution and reemerged in the modern era as a practiced religion in Albania.

Due to that, he was arrested and imprisoned by the Ottoman authorities in First evangelical Protestants appeared in the 19th century and the Evangelical Alliance was founded in Nowadays, it has member congregations from different Protestant denominations.

Albania was the only country in Europe where the Jewish population increased significantly during the Holocaust. Albania shares many symbols associated with its history, culture and belief.

These include the colours red and black, animals such as the golden eagle living across the country, costumes such as the fustanella , plis and opinga which are worn to special events and celebrations, plants such as the olive and red poppy growing as well across the country.

The flag of Albania is a red flag with a black double-headed eagle in the centre. In the course of the centuries, Albanian cuisine has been widely influenced by the culture , geography and history of Albania and therefore different parts of the country have a specific regional cuisine.

The cooking traditions vary especially between the north and the south owing to differing topography and climate that contribute to the excellent growth conditions for a wide array of herbs , fruits and vegetables.

Albanians produces and uses many varieties of fruits such as lemons , oranges , figs and most notably olives which are perhaps the most important element of Albanian cooking.

Spices and other herbs such as basil , lavender , mint , oregano , rosemary and thyme are widely used, as are vegetables such as garlics , onions , peppers , potatoes and tomatoes as well as legumes of all types.

While having a coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Sea of the Mediterranean Sea , fish , crustaceans and seafood are a popular and an integral part of the Albanian diet.

Otherwise lamb is the traditional meat for different holidays and religious festivals for both Christians and Muslims , and poultry , beef , and pork are also in plentiful supply.

Petulla, a traditionally fried dough, is as well a popular speciality and is served with powdered sugar or feta cheese and different sorts of fruit jams.

Also popular is Flia consisting of multiple crepe-like layers brushed with cream and served with sour cream. Krofne, similar to Berliner , are filled with jam, or chocolate and often eaten during the cold winter months.

A small country in size, Albania ranked first with the most coffee houses per capita in the world. It is cultivated across Southern Albania and noted for its medicinal properties.

Black tea with a slice of lemon and sugar, milk or honey is also a popular type of tea. Wine drinking is popular throughout the Albanians.

The country has a long and ancient history of wine production, as it belongs to the old world of wine producing countries.

The architecture of Albania reflects the legacy of various civilizations tracing back to the classical antiquity.

Major cities in Albania have evolved from within the castle to include dwellings, religious and commercial structures, with constant redesigning of town squares and evolution of building techniques.

Nowadays, the cities and towns reflect a whole spectrum of various architectural styles. In the 20th century, many historical as well as sacred buildings bearing the ancient influence were demolished during the communism.

Considering the long period of rule of the Byzantine Empire , they introduced castles, citadels, churches and monasteries with spectacular wealth of visible murals and frescos.

The 20th century brought new architectural styles such as the modern Italian style , which is present in Tirana such as the Skanderbeg Square and Ministries.

Moreover, other towns received their present-day Albania-unique appearance through various cultural or economic influences.

Socialist classicism arrived during the communism in Albania after the Second World War. At this period many socialist-styled complexes, wide roads and factories were constructed, while town squares were redesigned and numerous of historic and important buildings demolished.

The Albanian folk music is a prominent section of the national identity and continues to play a major part in Albanian music. Although, it can be divided into two stylistic groups, as performed by the northern Ghegs and southern Labs and Tosks.

The northern and southern traditions are contrasted by the rugged tone of the north and the relaxed form of the south. Many of the songs are about events from history and culture , including the traditional themes about honour, hospitality, treachery and revenge.

He was nominated for the Grammy Award. Every cultural and geographical region of Albania has its own specific variety of costume that vary in style, material, color, shape, detail and form.

Some conservative old men and women mainly from the high northern as well as southern regions and wear traditional clothing in their daily lives.

The clothing was made mainly of products from the local agriculture and livestock such as leather, wool, linen, hemp fiber and silk.

Nowadays, the traditional textiles are still embroidered in very collaborate ancient patterns. The visual arts tradition of Albania has been shaped by the many cultures, which have flourished on its territory.

Following mosaics and murals from Antiquity and the Middle Ages , the first paintings were icons Byzantine traditions.

Albanian earliest icons date from the late 13th century and generally estimated that their artistic peak reached in the 18th century.

Among the most prominent representatives of the Albanian iconographic art were Onufri and David Selenica. By the end of the Ottoman rule, the painting was limited mostly to folk art and ornate mosques.

Albanian artists continue to move art forward, while their art still remains distinctively Albanian in content. Though among Albanian artist post-modernism was fairly recently introduced, there is a number of artists and works known internationally.

The Albanian language comprises its own branch of the Indo-European language family. The language is considered an isolate within the Indo-European.

The only other languages that are the sole surviving member of a branch of Indo-European are Armenian and Greek. Albanian is often held to be related to the Illyrian languages , a language spoken in the Balkans during classical times.

Scholars argue that Albanian derives from Illyrian [] while some others [] claim that it derives from Daco - Thracian. Illyrian and Daco-Thracian, however, might have been closely related languages; see Thraco-Illyrian.

The cultural renaissance was first of all expressed through the development of the Albanian language in the area of church texts and publications, mainly of the Catholic region in the northern of Albania, but also of the Orthodox in the south.

The Protestant reforms invigorated hopes for the development of the local language and literary tradition, when cleric Gjon Buzuku brought into the Albanian language the Catholic liturgy , trying to do for the Albanian language, what Martin Luther did for the German language.

Meshari The Missal written by Gjon Buzuku was published in and is considered as one of the first literary work of written Albanian during the Middle Ages.

The refined level of the language and the stabilised orthography must be the result of an earlier tradition of written Albanian, a tradition that is not well understood.

However, there is some fragmented evidence, pre-dating Buzuku, which indicates that Albanian was written from at least the 14th century.

Other significant examples include: Albanian writings from these centuries must not have been religious texts only, but historical chronicles too.

The History of Skanderbeg is still the foundation of Skanderbeg studies and is considered an Albanian cultural treasure, vital to the formation of Albanian national self-consciousness.

The most famous Albanian writer in the 20th and 21st century is probably Ismail Kadare. He has been mentioned as a possible recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature several times.

The first Albanian films were mostly documentaries ; the first was about the Monastir Congress that sanctioned the Albanian alphabet in This was followed by the first Albanian epic film , the Great Warrior Skanderbeg , a cooperation with Soviet artists chronicling the life and fight of the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg.

By , about movies had been produced, and Albania had over theaters. With the economic transition after the collapse of communism in the s, the Kinostudio was broken up and privatised.

A new National Center of Cinematography was established, while cities built modern cinema theatres showing mostly American movies. The Tirana International Film Festival was established in and has become the premier and largest film festival in the country as well as in the Balkans.

Albania participated at the Olympic Games in for the first time. The country made their Winter Olympic Games debut in Albania missed the next four games, two of them due to the and boycotts, but returned for the games in Barcelona.

Since then, Albania have participated in all games. Albania normally competes in events that include swimming, athletics, weightlifting, shooting and wrestling.

The country have been represented by the National Olympic Committee of Albania since The nation has participated at the Mediterranean Games since the games of in Syria.

The Albanian athletes have won a total of 43 8 gold, 17 silver and 18 bronze medals from to Football is by far the most popular sport in Albania.

It is governed by the Football Association of Albania Albanian: Federata Shqiptare e Futbollit , F. Albania scored their first ever goal in a major tournament and secured their first ever win in European Championship when they beat Romania by 1—0 in a UEFA Euro match on 19 June Weightlifting is one of the most successful individual sport for the Albanians, with the national team winning medals at the European Weightlifting Championships and the rest international competitions.

Albanian weightlifters have won a total of 16 medals at the European Championships with 1 of them being gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze. In the World Weightlifting Championships , the Albanian weightlifting team has won in a gold in a silver and in a bronze medal.

Historically, the Albanian people have established several communities in many regions throughout Southern Europe.

The Albanian diaspora has been formed since the late Middle Ages , when they emigrated to places such as Italy , especially in Sicily and Calabria , and Greece to escape either various socio-political difficulties or the Ottoman conquest of Albania.

Albanian minorities are present in the neighboring countries of Macedonia , Montenegro and Serbia. In Kosovo , Albanians make up the largest ethnic group in the country.

Altogether, the number of ethnic Albanian living abroad its territory is estimated to be higher than the total population inside the territory of Albania.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the country. For other uses, see Albania disambiguation. Greek Aromanian Macedonian others.

Timeline of Albanian history. Albania in the Middle Ages. Albanian Declaration of Independence. First Republic of Albania.

World War II in Albania. Fall of communism in Albania. Pyramid schemes and civil war of Ecoregions and Protected areas of Albania. Counties and Municipalities of Albania.

Foreign relations of Albania. Armed Forces of Albania. Banking , Telecommunications , and Tourism in Albania. Renewable energy and Oil fields in Albania.

Science and technology in Albania. Regions with a traditional presence of ethnic groups other than Albanian. Distribution of ethnic groups within Albania, as of the census.

Districts colored gray are those where a majority of people did not declare an ethnicity the question was optional.

The census was criticized and boycotted by minorities in Albania. Traditional locations of linguistic and religious communities in Albania.

Albanian language and Languages of Albania. One road sign in Albanian and a minority language Macedonian and one in Albanian and a foreign language for tourists English in Pustec left Road sign in Albanian and a minority language Greek in Goranxi right.

National symbols of Albania. Albanian music and traditional clothing. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Albanian language and literature. Naum Veqilharxhi lawyer and scholar — Parashqevi Qiriazi teacher and feminist — Albania at the Olympics and Albania at the Mediterranean Games.

He captained the French Olympique de Marseille , as well as the Albanian national team. Albanian diaspora and Albanian communities.

Albania portal Mediterranean portal. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February , but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory.

The two governments began to normalise relations in , as part of the Brussels Agreement. Kosovo is recognized as an independent state by out of United Nations member states.

Archived from the original on 14 October Retrieved 6 January Archived from the original on 3 August Archived from the original on 23 July Retrieved 3 July Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 23 July — via Internet Archive.

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A History of Macedonia: Women Rulers Throughout the Ages: Presses Universitaires Blaise Pascal, , From AD onward, the lands now known as Albania began to be overrun from the north by ever-increasing Retrieved 9 April The wars of the Balkan Peninsula: The New Cambridge Medieval History: Council of Europe Publishing.

Islam in the Balkans: University of South Carolina Press. East European Monographs By , after a chaotic interregnum, Sultan Mehmet I sent the military to erect the first Ottoman garrisons throughout southern Albania, establishing direct military authority in the region From Constantinople to Communism by D.

Communism, Health and Lifestyle: The Paradox of Mortality Transition in Albania, — The decline of Byzantium". Central European University Press, p.

Archived from the original on 20 February Retrieved 20 February On 10 June , The League of Prizren, Alb. Retrieved 5 January Modernisierung durch Transfer zwischen den Weltkriegen.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Retrieved 24 January Archived from the original on 17 June Retrieved 23 January On the resumption of the sitting, I was elected President of the Provisional Government, with a mandate to form a Cabinet Archived from the original on 11 February Twentieth century , 2 , Cambridge, United Kingdom: The Press Syndicate of University of Cambridge, p.

Centre for European Constitutional Law. Archived from the original on 22 January Retrieved 22 January Dover Wilson; Alfred E.

Archived from the original on 25 January Retrieved 25 January In November , these forces, War Minister who was of Albanian origin.

Chronology of 20th century eastern European history. February 28 George Zographos, a former foreign minister of Greece, proclaims at Gjirokaster the establishment of the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus, with Zographos as president.

He notifies the International Commission that his government has been established because the Great Powers have not provided the Greeks in southern Albania any guarantees for the protection of the life, property and religious freedom, and ethnic existence.

Archived from the original on 28 January Retrieved 28 January Thousands of muslim peasants, He gathered round him a group of discontented Muslim priests Albania and the European Union: The Psychology of Genocide and Violent Oppression: The nationalist Balli Kombetar, which had fought against Italy, made a deal with the German invaders, and formed a "neutral" government in Tirana which Retrieved 15 February Retrieved 22 November Retrieved 11 November Retrieved 11 April Historical Dictionary of Albania.

Historical Dictionaries of Europe, No. Lanham, MD, and Plymouth: The Case of Albania". Cambridge Journal of Economics.

Albania as a case study" PDF. Retrieved 8 February Albania and Bosnia have stumbled at the first hurdle of becoming fully-fledged European Union EU members after MEPs questioned the credibility of their democratic values.

Archived from the original PDF on 24 July Retrieved 12 November Situated on the shores of Lake Ohrid, the town of Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe; Lake Ohrid is a superlative natural phenomenon, providing refuge for numerous endemic and relict freshwater species of flora and fauna dating from the tertiary period.

As a deep and ancient lake of tectonic origin, Lake Ohrid has existed continuously for approximately two to three million years. Archived from the original on 14 September Retrieved 3 June Archived from the original on 7 August Retrieved 27 August Carnivora in Albania" PDF.

Archived from the original on 31 August Retrieved 4 January The territory of Albania can be divided into four ecoregions: Dinaric Alpine mixed forests in the far north.

Balcanic mixed forest in the north-east. Pindus mountain mixed forests covering the central and southeast mountains. Illyrian deciduous forest covering the rest of the country.

Archived from the original PDF on 14 October Archived from the original on 25 September Retrieved 7 December Archived from the original on 13 January Retrieved 23 July Archived from the original PDF on 20 September Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 4 April Archived from the original on 28 July Retrieved 29 December Retrieved 1 August Archived from the original PDF on 27 December Retrieved 14 December Albania, Cyprus register economic growth SEtimes.

Archived from the original PDF on 20 December Retrieved 6 May Retrieved 15 June Archived from the original on 10 September Retrieved 10 May Food and Agriculture Organization.

Archived from the original on 20 May The Economic and Business Report. Retrieved 9 February Retrieved 7 August The New York Times. Archived from the original on 9 August Peace Highway to Connect the Region".

Retrieved 12 January Archived from the original on 28 September Lorenc Gordani 21 June Archived from the original on 28 March Archived from the original on 17 November Retrieved 5 May Archived PDF from the original on 27 December Retrieved 26 February Archived from the original on 15 October Retrieved 2 June Looking Beyond Borders ".

Republic of Albania Institute of Statistics. Archived from the original on 13 July Retrieved 29 June Archived from the original PDF on 12 April Retrieved 19 February Archived from the original on 16 March Archived from the original PDF on 30 June Retrieved 4 December Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 6 September The Albanian government claimed that there were only 60,, based on the biased census, whereas the Greek government claimed that there were upwards of , Most Western estimates were around the , mark Eastern Europe at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century: A Guide to the Economies in Transition.

It is difficult to know how many ethnic Greeks there are in Albania. The Greek government, it is typically claimed, says that there are around , ethnic Greeks in Albania, but most Western estimates are around the , mark.

The Europa World Year Book United States Department of State. Retrieved 20 October Ethnic Greek minority groups had encouraged their members to boycott the census, affecting measurements of the Greek ethnic minority and membership in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Archived from the original on 12 January Retrieved 24 September Archived from the original PDF on 9 May Retrieved 25 March Archived from the original on 24 February Retrieved 20 December Archived from the original on 8 February Retrieved 7 January Archived from the original on 5 June Retrieved 18 December Archived from the original on 23 January Retrieved 31 October Retrieved 12 June Ethnic politics in Eastern Europe: The stalinist regime of Enver Hoxha imposed a ruthless dictatorship in the country the lasted with little respite Second Annual of the Konitsa Summer School.

The Greek language is spoken by an important percentage of the Albanians of the south. Albanian Institute of Statistics. Retrieved 23 May Sic u permend me lart, per shkak te shkaqeve kulturore dhe ekonomike, trendet e mesimit te gjuheve nga te rinjte grupmosha deri ne 25 vjec ndryshojne.

Keto trende jane percaktues i nje sere fenomeneve shoqerore, sic do te shohim me tej. Keshtu nga viti e ketej, gjuha angleze, gjermane dhe ajo turke kane pasur nje rritje te interest.

Gjuha italiane, por edhe ajo franceze kane pasur nje stabilitet, pra as rritje dhe as ulje te interesit te pergjithshem nga ana e grupmoshes te siperpermendur.

Vihet re se gjuha greke ka pesuar nje renie te forte te interesit. Ne fakt, shumica e interesit ka rene per kete gjuhe. Arsyet per kete gjuhe specifike do ti trajtojme me tej ne kapitulin e trete.

Retrieved 26 May Archived from the original PDF on 26 March Archived from the original on 8 August Retrieved 18 April Archived from the original on 12 December Retrieved 11 December Archived from the original on 1 July Efter Italiens kapitulation i besatte Nazityskland Albanien, og satte det op som klientstat.

Landet var en satellitstat til Jugoslavien mellem og , men allierede sig med Stalin efter, at Tito havde brudt med Sovjetunionen Landet blev medlem af FN i I var analfabetisme udryddet blandt landets voksne befolkning.

Religionsfrihed blev suspenderet i det socialistiske Albanien, og alle former for gudsdyrkelse blev kriminaliseret. Den albanske republik er et parlamentarisk demokrati, etableret under en forfatning der blev fornyet i Den albanske ombudsmand betegnes som Folkets Advokat.

Albanien er opdelet i 12 administrative amter albansk: Siden juni er disse amter yderligere opdelt i 61 kommuner albansk: Amterne var tidligere opdelt i 36 distrikter albansk: De afskaffede kommuner vil i stedet blive kaldt "nabolag" eller "landsbyer" albansk: Som en del af reformen blev de store bycentre i Albanien fysisk ombygget, og facaderne blev malet til at give et mere middelhavslignende udseende.

Udover hovedstaden Tirana , som har Selvom det er et lille land har Albanien en biologisk mangfoldighed. Der findes omkring typer hvirveldyr i Albanien - heriblandt mere end fuglearter, fiskearter og 80 pattedyrearter.

Religionen er blevet bevaret, selvom den under kommunismen var forbudt. Albansk folkemusik spilles stadig i Albanien, Kosovo og Makedonien.

Albansk baklava - en ret, der normalt forbindes med det Osmanniske Rige. For alternative betydninger, se Albanien flertydig.

Himni i Flamurit Hymne til Flaget. Albanske Republik og Kongeriget Albanien Kongeriget Albanien og Kongeriget Albanien Albaniens politik og Albaniens lov.

De to regeringer begyndte at normalisere deres diplomatiske forhold i som en del af Bruxellesaftalen. Republic of Albania Institute of Statistics.

Arkiveret fra originalen Fialuur i voghel scc Institute of Statistics of Albania. Dow Jones Newswires, The wars of the Balkan Peninsula.

The Albanian lexicon of Dion Von Kirkman. Earliest reference to the existence of the Albanian language , pp. History of Albania A Brief Overview.

United Nations Development Programme. John Boardman et al. Cambridge UP, , — The Cambridge ancient history. ISBN , page ," A History of Macedonia: Women Rulers Throughout the Ages: Presses Universitaires Blaise Pascal, , The decline of Byzantium — Encyclopedia Britannica ".

Norris, Islam in the Balkans: Central European University Press, s. The League of Prizren, Alb. Memoirs arkiveret fra originalen

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